5 Reasons You’re An Excellent IVF Treatment Candidate

positive pregnancy test against a pale pink background

Did you know that almost 1 in 7 couples experience infertility? That’s what they call it when you’ve been trying for a baby without luck for over a year. Here’s a side note shocker: in up to a third of these cases, male infertility plays a role. Regardless of where the hurdle may be on…

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How Will Covid-19 Affect My IVF Treatments?

The COVID-19 virus has touched every single one of us, probably impacting our lives in more ways than we can comprehend. If you’re thinking about IVF treatments, or actively undergoing IVF, the threat of COVID might delay your decision – or change your mind entirely. But the reality is that there’s nothing to worry about.…

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Epigenetics & Donors Eggs

The deep connection between a mother and a child goes beyond mere genetics Going through infertility is hard, so very hard.  There are so many points along this journey that are filled with pain and loss.  For those who arrive at the place in their journey where they need donor eggs in order to conceive,…

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