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Intended Parents Support and Advice

One of the few things that kept us sane during our infertility journey was support and advice from people who ‘got it’.

 Infertility is hard enough as it, there is no reason why you should go through this unsupported. 

Speciality Infertility Counselor


Northern Suburbs

Lydia Batchelor: 0848100300


Southern Suburbs

Leanne van der Westhuizen (021) 671 1116

Infertility Support Groups

Support groups give you the opportunity to journey with other women who are also dealing with infertility.

These groups offer the opportunity to:

  • Simply listen or share your experience
  • Find out more about fertility
  • Feel empowered and gain perspective
  • Learn helpful skills, regain control and meet people in a similar situation.

Here are the top contacts in your area:

Cape Town:


Dr. Sumayya Ebrahim 0788 642 007

Tanya Rubin / (082) 600-1989

Mandy Rodrigues / (011) 463-2244

Fertility Counseling

Counselling gives you the opportunity to understand your responses & develop your coping skills as an individual & as a couple.

Implications Counseling

This counseling helps you understand what the treatment will involve and how it may affect you and those close to you- now and in the future. Implications counseling is particularly helpful if you are going through donor gamete cycles or a surrogacy

Supportive Counseling

This offers the opportunity to work through your feelings at specific stages in your treatment. It may also be helpful in developing your stress resilience through mindfulness practices.

Therapeutic Counseling

Dealing with infertility can make you feel depressed or anxious at times. The process can also trigger painful memories that impact your life and your relationships with other people.

Other Useful links


Vicky Hindmarch: Tel: +27 (0)21 531 8644

Online Fertility Forum

Fertilicare – South Africa’s largest online fertility support forum


Adoption Support – Terri is the country’s leading adoption expert

Post Adoption Support Services – Support to parents and children in adoptive families

Fertility Fund

Support, advice and funding for Jewish couples. Nurture is a proud supporter of the Malka Ella Fertility Fund offering free and heavily discounted treatment cycles for the recipients of the fund.

Financial Support

MediFin Financial Services provides alternative payment solutions to patients who cannot afford to pay for their desired procedures upfront. We offer a stress free application process and quick turn around times, assisting patients to finance their procedures through a range of options available under the National Credit Act (No.34 of 2005).

We offer competitive interest rates depending on the client’s credit record and affordability assessment. On average we can approve an application within 1 hour and disburse funds within 48 hours.

You are welcome to visit our website for a glance at our product and we will gladly entertain any questions or feedback that you may have. Alternatively you can contact us at

Nurture is proud to be associated with Kynisi – the world’s leading international medical courier company.

Kynisi are medical couriers whose focus is to move IVF fertility samples (eggs, sperm and embryos) from and to South Africa from around the world. Their services are Europe based with a global reach. Dry shipper canisters (transport equipment) are also stationed in the USA & Australia which gives Kynisi robust international coverage.

Kynisi are focused purely on IVF patients, this is their area of expertise and they have moved thousands of client samples across the world. They are the experts and Nurture fully endorse their services.

For more information on the company, please visit or contact them as follows:
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7357 0001