Nurture Egg Donor Program

Nurture Egg Bank

Nurture introduces the first FDA accredited Egg Bank in Africa

What is the Egg Bank?

Nurture, in partnership with Aevitas is proud to announce that it’s Frozen Donor Egg Bank is the first of its kind to obtain the highly sought-after FDA accreditation.

The reason we are so super excited about the Egg Bank, is because it provides our donors with more flexibility in the donation process and it provides our intended parents with a range of immediately available, excellent quality pre-screened donor eggs.

Nurture and Aevitas are in partnership with the world leaders in egg freezing skills and technology, ensuring that our Egg Bank rates among the best in the world, resulting in outstanding success rates.

Why choose our egg bank?

More convenient

With a frozen donor egg cycle, treatment can begin immediately. There is no delay in waiting for donor screening or cycles to be synchronised.

Quality egg donors

Only the best donors qualify to donate to the egg bank, which means you will have access to the highest quality pre-screened donor eggs in the country.

Proven success rate

Our scientific team have been trained by the world's leading experts in the field of egg freezing, resulting in world class success rates.

More affordable

Frozen donor egg cycles are far more economical than fresh donor cycles.

International accreditation

The Aevitas and Nurture egg bank is the first egg bank in Africa to obtain FDA approval.

How the Egg Bank Works

The process of working with frozen donor eggs is relatively similar to that of fresh cycle eggs, but much simpler for all parties involved.

From a donor perspective being chosen to be part of the Nurture and Aevitas Egg Bank program means that there is no need to sync your cycle with a potential recipient. The donation process is therefore a lot quicker – between 4 to 6 weeks as opposed to 10-12 weeks.

From an intended parent perspective, the Egg Bank offers a great deal more certainty as the donors in the database have been pre-screened and medically approved, which means that when you choose that donor, their eggs are ready and waiting for you.

When you choose a donor from the Egg Bank you are guaranteed a selection of between 6 to 8 eggs


Aevitas world class embryologist team, working with the Nurture donor eggs, consistently achieve pregnancy rates that compare with the best fertility clinics in the world and to date have a 6 out of 7 pregnancy rate.