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Medical Aid Cover for IVF


Discovery Medical Aid offers certain of its members partial cover for fertility treatment such as IVF .

Discovery's Assisted Reproductive Therapy Benefit gives members on the Executive and Comprehensive plans access to specific assisted reproductive therapy (ART) fertility treatment such as IVF fertility treatment. The Assisted Reproductive Therapy Benefit provides cover for a defined list of certain fertility medical* procedures and treatments up to a specified limit each year, subject to Discovery's rules.

Note:  Egg donor agencies like Nurture are not medical providers and as such, the egg donor agency fee is not included in Discovery's ART cover.

For more information on Discovery's Assisted Reproductive Therapy Benefit, please visit their website.

*Information taken from Discovery's website as of September 2023. Please contact Discovery directly to confirm whether the information presented above is accurate, up to date and applicable to your medical scheme. 

Examples of fertility procedures covered by Discovery

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