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“I’m really humbled by your team’s professionalism and the amount of support I received from you”

Tertia Albertyn Founder

Mother, author, blogger and baby-maker, Tertia Albertyn is a seasoned infertility veteran and now mother to three kids. In the five years, nine IVFs and many losses it took to conceive her children she has seen and done it all. Tertia has taken her experiences as an infertility veteran and channeled it into something positive for others. In 2007, she co-founded South Africa’s biggest infertility support portal ( and in 2008 she launched Nurture, the country’s premier Egg Donor Program ( Her popular blog ( was rated the top blog in the country in 2007, 2008 and 2009. She released her book ‘So Close’ in 2006, based on her blog and chronicling her infertility journey. Tertia was recognized by the international organization RESOLVE in 2011 in New York for her outstanding contribution in the family building community. Tertia has a MBA from the University of Cape Town and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Contact Tertia on or +27 (0)82 441 8639.

Kim Lazarus Recipient Support & Egg Bank Director

Kim is our Recipient Support and Director of Egg Bank Program.  With 17 IVF’s under her belt and a decade of experience in the industry, she is well qualified to provide care, support and a hand to hold. Kim has worked with recipients and intended parents for over 10 years, helping hundreds find their perfect donor and their happy ever after. Kim lives in Camps Bay with her husband, 2 teenage sons and collection of little dogs.

Contact Kim on or +27 (0)83 261 9956

Jacci Lötter Donor Support & Administration

As a mother-in-waiting myself for many years, suffering repeated losses and finally having 2 rainbow baby sons, my own experience of infertility translates to a deep passion for helping people build their own families.  I’ve documented my journey in various book collaborations, one of which has become an international best seller.

Coming from the Higher education industry, and being a certified life coach, I adore interacting with young adults – The perfect egg donor age!   There is something about this age which instils hope in me for our future, because they are incredibly smart and driven.

I started my journey with Nurture 10 years ago in Donor support, and because of Nurture, I have my first son! I was blessed to also have a freebie son 5 years later, leaving this Mother’s heart full and my hands busy. I want my boys to learn from me that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up, but they will be kind.

I’m fierce about my role in Donor administration and support, as I know each potential donor provides hope for childless families, and can literally change someone’s whole world.

Contact Jacci on or +27 (0)82 929 3576

Bronwyn Hockly Donor & Recipient Support

Although born and raised a small-town girl, Bronwyn now lives in Johannesburg with her beloved cat.  She is a former egg donor herself having donated a few times successfully, and has over 5 years experience working for a leading Fertility Clinic in South Africa as a Donor & Recipient Co-Ordinator, assisting patients with all forms of third party conception (egg donors, sperm donors and donor embryos).

Contact Bronwyn on or +27 (0)72 279 7870

Sian Ramshaw Donor Support

As an egg donor herself, Sian has intimate insight and experience in the process of being an egg donor.  Sian says “The gratification in making a difference in others lives is unexplainable. I am extremely proud to say that I will be part of your journey in giving such a selfless gift”.

Sian will be our egg donors biggest supporter and cheerleader, and offer them the kindness and love they deserve.

Contact Sian on or +27 (0)73 720 5730

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