Nurture Egg Donor Program

Fees and Payments


Nurture Fees

Nurture fees include the costs of donor recruitment and selection, donor support, arranging donor travel and accommodation, recipient support, liaising with you and coordinating with your fertility clinic.


(Rate includes VAT, excludes any donor travel)

NOTE:  Due to the significant increase in fuel and travel costs, an additional travel fee of between R1,000 and R2,000 will be levied for all matches and will be paid to the donor to reimburse the donor for her travel costs.

Costs for “Out of Town” Donor Travel

If you select a donor that does not reside in the city in which the donation will take place, additional travel costs will apply.

It is less expensive for you to choose a donor that resides in the city in which you would like the medical treatment to take place. However, sometimes our recipients fall in love with a donor who lives outside of the city where your chosen fertility clinic is situated. Nurture is very experienced in managing all the travel and accommodation requirements ensuring that the donor arrives safely and as planned at your chosen fertility clinic. Additional travel costs will apply depending on the length of stay required in the host city.

Donor Travel Costs

Donors who need to travel to another city to donate will need to stay between 5 - 10 days (clinic dependent) in the host city.  This is to ensure that there is sufficient leeway in the event of a faster or slower stimulation response, and also to ensure that donors have sufficient recovery time after egg retrieval.

A:  Travel costs for out of town donors with requiring initial assessments and a 10 day stay in host/clinic city:  Between R20 000 – R27 000

B:  Travel costs for out of town donors having initial assessments in home town and a 5 day stay in host/clinic city:  Between R12 420 – R15 000

These costs are inclusive of 1 or 2 return flights to host city, airport transfers, accommodation, transport in host city and daily allowance for the travelling donor.

IVF Costs

(Paid to the fertility clinic)

Between R75,000 and R120,000 (Clinic dependent)

Cost inclusive of: Cost of psychological assessment and medical screening for donor, doctor appointments for both recipient and donor, scans, medication for both recipient and donor, laboratory fees, anaesthetist, other IVF costs, donor fee.

Please note that IVF costs are indicative costs only and these will vary from clinic to clinic, doctor to doctor.