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Nurture – South Africa’s most successful egg donation program is the creation of two fabulous South Africans (who just happen to be best friends too) who have experienced the heartbreak of infertility first hand – Melany as an egg donor, and Tertia as an infertility patient who went through 9 IVFs to achieve her dream. Assisted by a fabulous group of women who bring the total tally of personal IVFs to over 40, the gals at Nurture make a formidable team who combine the best of heart and soul to provide truly excellent service. In our 8 years of operation we have completed over 2000 (and counting) donor eggs cycles.

Nurture Statistics:

Success rate per cycle at leading fertility clinics: +70%
Total number of completed egg donor cycles:  2582
Number of immediately available egg donors: 400
Average # eggs retrieved: 15
Year founded:  March 2008
Nurture team: 8

Updated:  December 2018


“In June 2010 we had the good fortune of contacting you for assistance with having our dream of being parents come true. You not only assisted us but you went beyond any expectation we could have had, I often referred to you as my angel, my miracle maker…….I cannot tell you how much you meant to me. To us you were more than a business transaction, you were a friend, you supported me on an emotional level you were an angel. I will always be grateful to you. You are a remarkable person and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me.”

A global donor egg service with a local touch, we absolutely love what we do, and our passion shows through in everything about us. Known for our honest, no-nonsense approach, we pride ourselves on providing the best care and support for our egg donors and our intended parents, facilitating the process from application through to egg donation and beyond. In a nutshell, we care. We call. We write. We rock.

“Thanks again a million again for everything!! You made it work, from a very uncertain beginning, with lots of stones on the road, to a successful outcome. Nothing would have been possible without you and your stubborn attitude that you will support your client, despite all difficulties.  I do not have the words to thank you enough. You will always be in my heart.”

Based in Gauteng and Cape Town and operating country wide, we have a team of people who are able to meet with you in person to discuss how we can help you in getting pregnant or providing donor eggs – to achieve your ‘happily ever after’.


Nurture supports the egg donation guidelines and ethics outlined by the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Endoscopy Regulations (SASREG).

Nurture shares SASREG’s concerns insofar as the health and safety of egg donors are concerned. Nurture is strongly against the actions of agencies and/or individuals who operate irresponsible cross-border egg donation programs.  Nurture adheres to the egg donation laws, regulations and guidelines provided by the The National Heath Act, as supported by the SASREG guidelines. Should you have any questions or concerns about cross-border egg donation, we refer you to SASREG’s website:  http://www.fertilitysa.org.za/EggDonation/index.asp

“Thank You Tertia, you are such a special person. Thank You for all the unconditional love and care. You are a Star in my life. You helped me to achieve my dream after 7 long years. I cannot put in words the way I feel.”

SATiBA Member


Nurture is a member of The South African Tissue Bank Association (SATiBA).  SATiBA is a not-for-profit organization that aims to support all South African tissue banks in regulatory and legal matters, data collection, training, accreditation, quality assurance, communication and collaboration, and more.

Associated fertility clinics

Nurture, South Africa’s most recommended egg donor agency is recommended by the leading fertility clinics in South Africa, including but not limited to:  Cape Fertility Clinic, Sandton Fertility Clinic, BioArt, Gynomed, Pretoria East Fertility Clinic, Medfem, Dr Dawie Slabbert, Aevitas and Natal Fertility Clinic among others.

Useful Information

We’ve put together lots of really useful information and links on our website, so please browse around and have a read. If there is anything we can help you with, whether it’s about getting pregnant or how you can provide donor eggs, do not hesitate to contact us on info@nurture.co.za. We look forward to helping you on this wonderful life-changing journey.

“I just want to thank you and everyone on your side again for making this opportunity possible for me. I am totally overwhelmed by the sincerity and love that I have received from Nurture and my recipient. This was by far the most important thing I have ever done, and I think I am almost just as excited as my recipient to get the results!”

If you are considering becoming an egg donor, please click here for information on how to apply to become an egg donor and give the gift of life and here for further information on egg donation.

If you are a potential recipient in need of help getting pregnant using donor eggs and would like to view our database of available donors, please click here.

“Dear Kim and the Team at Nurture, thank you for the beautiful website that added some fun to this sometimes despairing journey, thank you for your knowledge during this sometimes confusing journey, thank you for prompt responses during this sometimes frustrating journey, thank you for words of encouragement during this sometimes endless journey, thank you for your support during this sometimes tiring journey – thank you for help making it possible.
We know you run a business but you balance it beautifully with humanity.
Regardless of the medical results, you have been part of our lives at a provocative and changing time and are part of our travel history now. We will continue to hold you in our hearts. Thank you.”

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The Fabulous Nurture Team


Please note that Nurture is an egg donation program that assists future parents in getting pregnant using donor eggs. We are fully compliant with all the legal, financial and ethical requirements of the Republic of South Africa. Our Promotion of Access to Information Act of 2000 (PAIA) manuals have been prepared and submitted to the South African Human Rights Commissions (SAHRC) and are available for review. Should you require further information about any regulatory compliance, please contact info@nurture.co.za.

For more about egg donation in South Africa, getting pregnant or donors eggs please feel free to browse the rest of this site

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