Nurture Egg Donor Program

Frozen Donor Egg Bank

Nurture Introduces the First FDA-Accredited Frozen Donor Egg Program in Africa

What is the Egg Bank?

Nurture has partnered with Aevitas to offer recipient parents choosing to do their treatment at Aevitas Fertility Clinic access to our frozen donor egg bank. Our frozen donor egg program is the first of its kind to obtain the highly sought-after FDA accreditation.

Outstanding Success Rates

  • Egg thaw survival rate:  90%
  • Fertilization rate: 80%
  • Implantation rate: 70%
  • Ongoing pregnancy rate: 60%

As of January 2023

The Benefits of Using Frozen Donor Eggs

  • There is no waiting period because eggs are frozen and ready for immediate selection. This means that recipients can start immediately with their next menstrual cycle. There is no synchronization required.
  • All frozen egg donations come from high-quality, fully-screened donors who have already completed their donation. This means that risks like donors failing their screening, medication being faulty or not administered correctly, or insufficient eggs being produced are no longer concerns.
  • Frozen donor egg cycles are usually more cost-effective, as intended parents can purchase only the number of eggs they require rather than have excess donor eggs that are never used.

For more information about the benefits of using frozen donor eggs vs fresh donor eggs, visit our blog.

Why Choose Our Egg Bank?

More Convenient

With a frozen donor egg cycle, treatment can begin immediately. There is no delay in waiting for donor screening or cycles to be synchronised.

Quality Egg Donors

Only the best donors qualify to donate eggs in South Africa to the egg bank, which means you will have access to the highest quality pre-screened donor eggs in the country.

Proven Success Rate

Our scientific team has been trained by the world's leading experts in the field of egg freezing, resulting in world-class success rates.

More Affordable

Frozen donor egg cycles are more economical than fresh donor cycles.

International Accreditation

The Aevitas and Nurture egg bank is the first frozen donor egg program in Africa to obtain FDA approval.

World-Class Technology

Pioneering physicians, cutting-edge technology, meticulous screening, and a reputation for excellence, Nurture's frozen donor egg program combines the expertise of South Africa’s most successful egg donation agency with the world-class medical and scientific expertise of the country’s top fertility centre, resulting in a success rate that rates among the best in the world.

For current costs and fees of our frozen donor egg bank, please contact us today!