I was a recipient, and then donated our frozen embryos

My experience with Nurture was extremely positive and I like to share how I experienced to be a recipient, a blessed mother and also a donor.

When I was 33 years old I had a severe infection that as a result obstructed my ovaries. At that time I heard for the first time from a doctor that I would probably never be able to conceive naturally. I could not really believe it and we tried for a few years from then till my gynecologist recommended me to try IVF. It was the second time I heard from a doctor that I wouldn’t conceive naturally.

After much consideration about the treatment and what would happen if it wouldn’t work as expected, I tried. Also here I failed to be pregnant. This time the reason was age. I had at that time around my 40s come to a point in life where my eggs weren’t good enough any longer to conceive. This was the third time I heard from the doctor that I wouldn’t have children and I was devastated. After many many tears I realized that regretting the time lost wouldn’t help at all. The only option I had was egg donation. And after so many years debating with myself about what to do I finally understood that I had to embrace gratefully the only one and single chance I still had in life to fulfill the dream of having a family.

I Googled and found the Cape Fertility Clinic. The doctor recommended Nurture to find an egg donor. This is how I got in touch with Tertia. Tertia explained the process and let me look at various profiles. I took some days off and together with my husband, looked at various donor profiles. I consulted with Tertia about my choice. She had no picture and I had chosen her profile based on the description. I found her qualities and preferences were closer to mine and liked it. I sent Tertia a photo of myself, asking for her opinion and she confirmed that she looked similar to me. I made my decision and after the donor had also accepted, the process started.

All the time I felt that Tertia understood what a woman facing infertility problems feels like, and she respected how much I wanted to know. She respected the time I needed without pressurising but she also gave the right support at the right moment. I saw that she and her team gave support and motivation to the donors, gave me confidence that I was not abusing the generosity of this young woman. The donor and I are anonymous to each other, but Tertia and her team treated us both as special women with a very special bond to each other.

There, at the foot of the majestic Tafelberg I succeeded to be pregnant! I will never forget the sunny day when I got the transfer. I prayed and had so much hope as never before in my life. A few weeks later my doctor told me I was expecting twins! What a blessing. My pregnancy went well, the twins were born a little earlier but all went perfectly well. Our family is complete, the happiness we feel since my children were born is an incomparable feeling.

But our story with Nurture had also a special epilogue. After the transfer other three embryos were frozen. A year after the birth of our children I decided to donate them, as I felt our family was complete with the twins. Tertia helped me again, this time to find the right woman to receive the embryos I was donating. This woman was also blessed and months later she gave birth to her own child.

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