A note from one of our recipients

“I can’t believe it – my baby is a year old already. It has been a wonderful year that went by so fast. The baby has grown so much and remains so sweet. She is such a joy, she smiles quite a lot and her smile is contagious. She is a hit wherever she goes, and we are totally smitten with her.

She is very energetic and her gross motor skills are spot on. She doesn’t want to play with ‘baby’ things – she wants the real stuff that we use. She eats very well and is now a 12kg baby. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I sincerely hope all women who wish to have babies have their wish granted because this experience is life changing. Keep on making dreams come true for others

From a very happy mother”

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Tertia Albertyn is the founder of Nurture - South Africa’s longest-running and most successful Egg Donation Program. An accomplished speaker and an award-winning published author, as well as an ex-infertility patient herself, she is highly regarded in South Africa and internationally for the work she does in infertility. Tertia was instrumental in establishing the first FDA-approved frozen donor egg bank in Africa. Tertia has an MBA from the University of Cape Town and lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband and three children.