Fertility Nutrition


During your fertility journey you may not have given much thought to the role of diet and nutrition. It’s well worth doing so as there is a great deal of research relating to the impact of nutrition on fertility. A diet and lifestyle programme can be invaluable in providing the best possible conditions in the body for the implanted embryo to develop and grow. You could compare it to planting a seed. Rather than throw it into dry, barren soil and expect it to grow into a plant, you’d prepare the soil, water it and dig in some nutritious compost!  For the man, good nutrition also positively impacts sperm quality.

We are constantly being advised to eat a “balanced diet” but this concept is vague and unspecific and there are few of us who have a perfectly balanced diet. There are many factors to consider and people have different needs according to their individual health issues. For example, there may be specific nutrient deficiencies resulting from insufficient intake or absorption problems, blood sugar issues which are not severe enough to show as abnormal in conventional tests yet impact on hormone balance, imbalanced gut bacteria, digestive problems, allergies and intolerances.

This means that certain foods and vitamin supplements that suit one person may not suit another and that the focus may sometimes be on health issues that can seem to be unrelated to fertility yet are integral to it.

The ideal time to get started on your nutrition programme is at least three months before commencing your fertility treatment. Getting your nutrition right often helps improve your overall health and wellbeing and you are likely to reduce excess weight to boot!

Penny Crowther is a UK based nutritional therapist with 13 years experience in practice in London and Dorset. She loves working with Nurture because of their genuine holistic, caring approach which is often sadly lacking in the fertility world, in favour of an impersonal, “factory output” experience.  Penny’s work with nutrition for fertility has been featured in the national press. For more information or to book an appointment call 07761 768 754 or go to www.nutritionistlondon.co.uk