Do I Get Paid If My Eggs Don’t Result In A Pregnancy?

This is a question we often get asked at Nurture Egg Donor Program, and it’s totally fine to ask questions about egg donation. In fact, we recommend asking as many questions as you need to set your mind at ease before becoming one of our valued egg donors. The answer is yes, you do get paid if your eggs don’t result in pregnancy. That’s because you aren’t actually being paid for your eggs.

Keep reading to discover how donor compensation works, the amount egg donors get paid and when payment is made, and how to start the egg donor registration process today.

How does egg donor compensation work?

When you donate eggs in South Africa, you aren’t being paid for your eggs. Instead, you are paid for your time and effort. Instead of selling your eggs, you are gifting them to someone who needs them. Because the donation process takes time and effort on your part, with regular doctor’s visits that might require you take time off work, you deserve to be compensated for this.

How much do egg donors get paid?

Compensation for egg donors in South Africa is guided by the South African Medical Ethics Committee. Currently, donor compensation is set at between R8000 and R10000. How much you are paid for your time and effort will depend on how far you live from the fertility clinic, where the fertility clinic is located, and how many times you have donated in the past.

When will an egg donor get compensated?

Here’s another common question we get asked. While everyone knows that donating eggs shouldn’t be about the money, it’s natural for women struggling financially to think about these things when considering becoming egg donors. The payment of your donor fee is paid by your fertility clinic within 2 to 3 days after you have completed the donation process.

How many times can someone donate eggs?

In South Africa, there is a limit to how many times an egg donor can undergo the egg donation process. Donors may donate up to a maximum of six times in their life or a maximum of six babies may be born from their donation.

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Tertia Albertyn is the founder of Nurture - South Africa’s longest-running and most successful Egg Donation Program. An accomplished speaker and an award-winning published author, as well as an ex-infertility patient herself, she is highly regarded in South Africa and internationally for the work she does in infertility. Tertia was instrumental in establishing the first FDA-approved frozen donor egg bank in Africa. Tertia has an MBA from the University of Cape Town and lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband and three children.