Why choose Nurture?

Fact:  There are two types of egg donors in South Africa:  Nurture donors and those who wish they were Nurture donors.

So…as if you need to be convinced that we are the most experienced, most established, most professional, most caring and most together agency…let us wow you a little more!Nurture Wants You - Lady hiding behind heart

Any poephol can start an egg donor program (and there are a few of those around!)  It’s all fine and well being bamboozled by butterflies, angels and dandelions…But let’s get that fluff out of the way. This is not about soft lighting and naff pictures – this is about making a real difference in people’s lives.  And … with your help – this is exactly what we do.  We not only NEED you – we WANT you!

Nurture will never have enough donors (how many exactly are “enough”!?) but…each donor that joins our program is unique, special and valued.  When she joins Nurture – she also joins our family. :-)

You need to ask the right questions when selecting an egg donor program.

Who exactly are you dealing with?
*Nurture = Real living breathing women – with names / faces and contact details!  We have a one on one interaction with Every Single Donor before they join up. Eitsa!

Women having fun - Nurture wants youWho are the actual owners of the business?
*Nurture = Melany (who has donated herself) and Tertia (who has struggled to conceive herself) + a fantastic team – Kim, Helen, Gerida, Lindsay, Tanya, Emma and Lee.

Is this a real business or a side hobby for bored wives?
*Nurture = This is not only our real (only) business, it is our passion, our livelihood and our calling. We don’t have other ‘job’s, this is our life.

How long have they been in business?
*Nurture = Founded January 2008 + a couple of years in the industry prior to that under our belt.

What kind of experience do they have?
*Nurture = We are the only agency to have team members who have both 1st hand experience as a donor and an infertility patient.  We have Mel, Helen, Gerida, Tanya and Lee who collectively have over 20 years’ experience at taking care of our fabulous donors and have, through the years, looked after over 3000 donors  who have 
donated. Not too shabby!

Do they have an established relationship with the clinic/Doctor?
*Nurture = Nurture is the top choice agency for almost all the fertility clinics in South Africa – if the people in the know think we are the best, then you can be pretty darn sure Nurture IS the best.

What kind of response time can you get?
*Nurture – 2 minutes/24 hours. We work just about 24/7.

Who can I contact after hours?
*Nurture – 9 fantabulous team members at your beck and call.

How much is marketing fluff and how much is the truth?
*Nurture – Here at Nurture we don’t inflate our donor numbers, we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We are too busy focusing on making sure we provide first class service to our donors, recipients and clinics to have time for BS

What type of care can I expect?
*Nurture – Because this is our life and our passion and not a hobby, and because the well-being of our donors is our most important priority, we are 100% focused on ensuring the best possible care for our donors. We don’t treat our donors like commodities – We are not running a sausage (egg!) factory and do not line you up for donation after donation.  When you are matched – your profile is removed from our website and if you do decide to donate again, we will only place your profile back on our website a month after your last donation so that – if you are chosen right away- we know your ovaries will have had a minimum of a 3 month break between donations. The fact that donors keep on donating for Nurture shows that the care we provide rocks.

Is the agency an original or a cheap copy?
*Nurture – More than half the agencies out there are a cheap imitation of Nurture.  True story.  Many have tried to copy our successful formula, but none have succeeded. Don’t bother with the fakes, stick with the original

Don’t go for the copy cats, the rip offs, the wanna-be’s or the bull-shitters.  Sign up with an egg donor program that is genuine, that is honest and that is run by real people. Sign up with Nurture.

We run anonymous surveys for our donors after the donation and here is some of what they had to say:

“I cant think of anything that will improve the experience Nurture already provides. I have been through other agencies and definitely did not get the same caring support I did through Nurture. If I donate again, it would only be through Nurture. The staff are unbelievable in their organisation of the process as well as making you (the donor) feel so special and comfortable. It tends to be a very taboo process and somehow the staff at Nurture take the sting out of that and are able to make the process fun and exciting while constantly ensuring health and safety of the donor. Best donation experience for me by far… Thank you”

“I am donating for the second time and I am more than impressed about how Nurture uniquely takes care and informs me. Yes I will donate again,because I don’t feel like an object or a chicken. I am treated like a person that matters and my needs and satisfaction are always met at Nurture.The clinics that are chosen for me are comfortable and have friendly staff and most importantly I am able to communicate my concerns and fears to Nurture team every time I get confused. So I am charmed and love Nurture.”

“I would donate through Nurture again. I was well supported from the time I created my profile. Another reason why I will use Nurture again is because I felt that I could contact Mel at any stage to find out any information.   It was a very simple process that was well supported by staff at Nurture and at Medfem. I have had a great experience with Nurture, thank you!”