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Next to the Australians, the Brits (and of course the Scots, the Irish and the Welsh) are some of our favourite people.  We love your stiff upper lip and your self-depreciating humour.  We love that you speak English as it should be spoken and that you drive on the right side of the road.  We love your royals almost as much as you do.

South Africa is a fantastic option for those in the UK who need an egg donor.  We understand that there is a shortage of egg donors in the UK and the waiting lists are long. Here in South Africa you have access to a large database of multi-ethnic egg donors, many of whom have European ancestry.  Egg donation in South Africa is affordable and highly successful. Plus you get to have a wonderful holiday at the same time.

Hearing it from one of your own

We have many recipients from the UK who have been to South Africa and used a Nurture Egg Donor for their IVF treatment. Some of them have volunteered to share their experiences with other UK locals who are considering coming to South Africa for DE IVF – sometimes it helps to chat to one of your own. One of our UK recipients has kindly volunteered to be the official contact for all UK locals who are thinking about coming to South Africa for Egg Donor IVF treatment

Mandy Parry is a mom to gorgeous daughter conceived via donor eggs in Cape Town. You are welcome to email her at and ask her any questions you might have about travelling to South Africa, where to stay, what to do, how to coordinate all the medical bits, how to choose a donor – any questions you might have.

Mandy Parry & Daughter Conceived By Egg Donation in Cape Town

Mandy and her beautiful daughter

About Nurture Egg Donor Program in South Africa

  • Nurture has a large database of egg donors who are immediately available to donate
  • No waiting time
  • Up to 70% success rate
  • Partners with all leading fertility clinics in South Africa
  • World class fertility clinics and medical facilities
  • Fabulous holiday destination
  • Nurture is approved by the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Endoscopy Regulations (SASREG.)
  • Collectively, the Nurture team has more than 32 years experience in egg donation in South Africa, as well as over 30 IVFs between us

Frequently Asked Questions

How many embryos are transferred?
Either one or two embryos are transferred, depending on the health and the wishes of the recipient

What happens with the remaining embryos?
All the eggs the donor makes belong to the recipient. The best one or two are transferred to the recipient’s womb and the remainder are frozen for another attempt or for siblings. Should you wish to ship your remaining embryos back to the UK you will need to confirm with your local fertility clinic whether this is possible

What treatment is available in South Africa?
IVF, ICSI, IUI, PGD, egg donors, sperm donors, donor embryos, PGD, TESA, vitrification

Is DE IVF available to single people / same sex couples?
Yes, South Africa legislation prevents discrimination against anyone because of race, religion, sexual orientation, relationship status

Is there an age limit?
Yes, IVF clinics in South Africa have a cut off age of 50 for the female recipient

Do we have contact with our donor?
Unfortunately not. Egg donation in South Africa is anonymous and confidential as per the law

Can you use an egg donor and a sperm donor?
Yes. Nurture does not have a donor sperm program but we can refer you to the donor sperm banks in South Africa or you can bring imported sperm into South Africa from abroad

How long after choosing a donor will the actual treatment take place?
It takes approximately 8-10 weeks from the time the donor is chosen until the actual donation take place.

How long do I need to be in South Africa for?
The clinics in South Africa will request that you are in South Africa for 12 days. This builds in enough flexibility should your donor retrieve earlier or later than panned.

Do I need to make contact with a fertility clinic?
We will facilitate an introduction to the fertility clinic for you.

What test results does the clinic need?
The clinic will require copies of the following test results (no older than 12 months):

Female Partner:

A: Blood tests:
• HIV I & II antibodies
• RPR/VDRL/TPHA (Syphilis)
• Hepatitis B surface antigen
• Hepatitis C antibodies
• Rubella IgG (immunity)
• Day 3 FSH
• Prolactin

B: Transvaginal ultrasound scan of the pelvis

C: Other:

*HSG (hysterosalpingogram) or hysteroscopy or saline infusion sonogram
(* not compulsory but might be requested by your treating Doctor after reviewing your medical history and ultrasound scan result)

*Laparoscopy report if available
(* not compulsory but might be requested by your treating Doctor after reviewing your medical history)

Male Partner:

A: Blood tests:
• HIV I & II antibodies
• RPR/VDRL/TPHA (Syphilis)
• Hepatitis B surface antigen
• Hepatitis C antibodies

B: Semen analysis

We hope this helps. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page at or you can email Mandy on or you can email us at

Mandy and her daughter