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Planning Families & Navigating Parenthood through Donor Conception

Join us for a unique and impactful event dedicated to the extraordinary journey of donor conception. Whether you're a parent of a donor-conceived child or someone exploring donor eggs or donor sperm as a path to parenthood, this day is designed to enlighten, support, and connect.

The Donor Conception Support Day provides a rare opportunity for individuals and couples navigating the complexities of donor conception to come together in a supportive environment. The event will help demystify the medical, legal, and emotional aspects associated with donor eggs, donor sperm, and IVF treatments. Through sharing experiences and expert insights, we aim to empower attendees with knowledge and support.

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The Benefits of Attending

Parents of donor-conceived children and prospective parents will gain invaluable insights into the journey ahead. The event covers everything from the medical processes of IVF and donor eggs, to the psychological and legal nuances of donor conception. Attendees will have the chance to ask questions directly to medical experts, mental health professionals, legal experts,  experienced parents, and even donors themselves. This comprehensive approach ensures that every participant leaves with a deeper understanding and reassurance about their choices.

You are welcome to join all of the sessions, or only those sessions applicable to your personal journey.

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Agenda Highlights

Morning Sessions:

Start with real stories from parents and a detailed look at the medical process involved in using donor eggs, including insights from leading fertility specialists.

After the tea break, explore the psychosocial screening of egg and sperm donors and hear personal stories from donors to provide a full spectrum of perspectives and information.

Afternoon Discussions:

Explore the legal landscape relating to donor conception and donor conceived children, and hear the real life stories of parents of donor conceived children and from adults who were donor conceived themselves.

Interactive Q&A Sessions:

Each session includes a Q&A segment, offering a chance to address personal concerns and interact directly with speakers and experts.