Now I know what it is to give back to the world!

Lori hadn’t heard much about infertility, but once she started exploring donation, she realised how many suffered from it.

I had never given infertility a thought in my life, it was something which never crossed my mind. We had family friends who battled with infertility for a long time, I remember asking my mum why they had not had kids as all of mum and dads other friends had kids, she explained to me what infertility was all about and I was intrigued. I thought about if for a long time after that – why wouldn’t a lady be able to have a baby?

Time went on and I found this super-awesome company called Nurture!
I wanted to be able to help people who battled to conceive as I am young and healthy and I felt it was right for me. I had to fill out the application form which truly made me dig deep into myself; I learned I had talents and a history that I would never normally talk about. I sent off my application form and I was chosen!

I got a phone call from one of the Nurture team telling me about my recipient couple, where they came from and that they had matched me. I was so excited! It was one thing filling out a form telling people about yourself, but to be REALLY chosen by someone is so mind-blowing, like there was someone out there who truly needed me.

I always took my red hair and fair skin for granted; my Nurture support person assured me that I was a rare treasure as I was not the run-of-the-mill blonde hair and blue eyes or brown hair and brown eyes. I was so, so excited to do something so new and so different.

Back at home, the more I told people I was becoming a donor, the more stories I heard of people who genuinely battled to have kids. This world I was about to enter was not a world of fun and excitement – these couples had given up their savings, their homes and their dreams of becoming parents. I felt almost sacred as I would be able to give a hint of a chance of happiness to someone who really needed it.

Questions do go through your mind, which really are frequently asked questions. Is this child going to be half mine? Is this anything like adoption? Am I giving up the chance to have my own kids one day? What if this kid wants to find me one day? Do I want to contact the parents in the future?
All these questions made me a bit nervous but as I walked into the clinic it felt like I was walking into a church, so peaceful, so many different people. While sitting in the waiting room, I heard American, English, Australian and French accents. Infertility is huge, it’s all over the world, it affects thousands of people, and I felt honoured to be part of something bigger than myself.

I met Dr. Heylen and within three minutes of meeting him, he had answered all my questions. This is not a child you are giving up; you are merely helping someone in their quest to conceiving a child. But it can be a bit off-putting when those around you do not understand what you are trying to do so they bombard you with negativity.

I was astounded at the level of efficiency and service from both Nurture and CFC – any questions I had were answered. I was a bit apprehensive about taking the medication but I had zero side effects, because it’s not harmful to you at all. Once a day to have a tiny injection was truly nothing to stress about and getting back into sync with my period in the following months was so easy!

As my donation date was getting closer I felt a serious emotional connection with my recipients. I had never met them nor would I ever meet them, but our bond somehow (very supernaturally) was incredible. I woke up after my donation so full of excitement, the same excitement which had filled me when I heard I was chosen. Something awesome is on the way! I think of my couple every day, and I thank God for how healthy I am in that having kids is not an issue for me at all. My experience with Nurture and my donation was out of this world, the love and care given by the Nurture team and the CFC doctors and nurses was unforgettable.

I always wondered what it was that I could give back to the world, and now I know.

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