Amazing “love letters” between our donors and recipients

Sometimes our recipients and donors have a “letter love affair” that is channelled through us – it is really heartwarming, especially when the donation has a happy and positive ending. Here’s what we mean:

We think you might have started your injections a few days ago and we wanted to know that we are thinking of you, and that we are so so grateful to you, more than words can express. Having been through many IVF cycles myself I know that the drugs can make you feel a bit rough so I really hope that you feel OK on them and we are thinking of you all the time.

We can’t really believe what you are doing for us. We are having trouble taking it in. After nearly 20 years of wanting a child so much and 10 years of fertility treatments and really an endless cycle of despair and depression, always feeling like something is missing from our lives, you have given us hope again. I realised that I have been feeling spontaneously happy for the first time I can remember for the last week, just suddenly dancing around the house or starting singing for no reason.

We are feeling very emotional, and quite scared, but also very excited. We loved everything about you that you wrote in your profile, we immediately connected with you and there was no doubt in our minds that we wanted you to be our donor. We were over the moon when you accepted us.

We hope that the treatment goes OK for you and you feel OK with everything. I’m crying as I type this just feeling so emotional and I can’t really believe this is happening. This is the first time we have tried egg donation and the first time that we have gone into treatment, with any real concept that it might actually work. It goes without saying that if it doesn’t work, we would like to keep trying. It also goes without saying that if it doesn’t work, we would be so grateful to you for trying and that the fact that you are happy to put yourself through all this makes us think that there are wonderful people in the world. We are thinking about you all the time and sending you lots of love.

“Thank-you for the well wishes, it’s good to know that a part of me is going to a lovely couple that clearly deserves the help. It’s because of couples such as yourselves that I’m more than happy to be a donor 🙂 I’m glad that I can give you hope, and know that I will be holding thumbs, toes and any other body parts that I can for you. Giving life is something all women should experience at least once in their lives and I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prays that this is your time.

Don’t worry to much about me though, I’m quite used to the donation process 🙂 I look forward to receiving good news in a few weeks that everything went well and you have a bundle of joy on the way. I think you will make beautiful parents, you clearly have a lot of love to share and any child would be blessed to be a part of your lives.

I promise to give your eggies lots of love and care for the next week and a bit. Good luck for everything on your side.

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Tertia Albertyn is the founder of Nurture - South Africa’s longest-running and most successful Egg Donation Program. An accomplished speaker and an award-winning published author, as well as an ex-infertility patient herself, she is highly regarded in South Africa and internationally for the work she does in infertility. Tertia was instrumental in establishing the first FDA-approved frozen donor egg bank in Africa. Tertia has an MBA from the University of Cape Town and lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband and three children.