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Helen de Pinto

Helen de Pinto works non-stop to ensure that Nurture’s donors are taken care of – from the donor’s application to the initial interview and posting on the Nurture website. This mom of three daughters has been with Nurture since it started. Find out what her day looks like, what gets her going in the morning, and what her one piece of advice for a new donor is. 


What is your role at Nurture?

I follow up from when a donor moves to Pending Interview through to being made active on system.  I interview donors. I look after travelling donors from booking appointments, travel, and accommodation to arranging travel allowance and looking after them while in the host city.  I email back on-board donors and move them to Active or Past. Do all clinic and recipient PDFs and keep their folders up to date. Email donors with any questions for the recipient team. Do Monthly Stats on Donors.  Follow up with team and move donors that have had their retrievals. I would say I do a little bit of everything.


What does a typical day at Nurture look like for you?

Going through all emails, chatting to travelling donors on WhatsApp, organising any flights needed for initials or retrievals. I may do an interview. Follow up with any queries / emails sent to donors. Checking and following up on any retrievals done for the day, moving them. General donor admin, going through all my matches, making sure all is on track. Different things come up all the time – my days are never the same.


What was your day job before Nurture? 

I worked as a PA to the Managing Director at a Corporate Firm and did Marketing as well.


What is your favourite thing about working at Nurture?

To be honest, I cannot just name one favourite thing, it is a combination of things that I love about working at Nurture.


What has the highlight of your Nurture career been?

I have been with Nurture since it started and the highlight of my Nurture career has been watching how we have grown and evolved into what Nurture is today. It has been a great journey, with lots of learning, changes and challenges but we always come out on top. We have a great team of women and we get it done the right way.


If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question – what would you ask?

Will my girls be content, happy and successful in their lives?


What is in your ultimate picnic basket?

Grapes / Cherries / Blueberries / Strawberries, Lindt Dark Chocolate, Mixed roasted Nuts

Camembert Cheese / Brie Cheese with crackers & figs and Woolworths Nachos and Spicy Guacamole Dip


 What’s your superpower?

I care, I am reliable, available, loyal and will make sure I get things done.


What gets you going in the morning? 

My family, a good cup of coffee and my work


You’re a mom to three girls. What is your greatest wish for them?

My greatest wish for my three girls is for them to be happy, love themselves, to believe in themselves, be strong, independent women, know that everything and anything is possible with commitment, studying and hard work no matter how many times they fall, which I know they will, they can get up and do it again and will succeed. I will always be there to pick them up and dust them off no matter what.  I love listening to them, watching them take on challenges and see some of the values I try teaching them already coming through in their characters


What are you doing when you’re not at work?

Generally, I am with my husband and daughters. If my husband is busy around house or watching sports, then the girls and I go out together. The older girls drive so we go on little outings and have some girl fun. The girls often have friends around as well, so the house is always busy. I must admit we are a homely type of family. I sneak in a little bit of Nurture emails while everyone is still sleeping in the morning, I just cannot resist.


What is the one piece of advice that you have for a new egg donor? 

You need to be committed and you need to make sure you have the support you need before coming on board. It is important to have a parent/partner/best friend that will support you throughout the egg donor journey.


What is the most common question that a new donor has?

Will donating eggs effect my future fertility?


Describe the average Nurture egg donor in five words.

Special, committed, compassionate, giving and caring.


What is the one misconception about egg donation that you would wave a wand to clear up? 
A donor is giving away their child.
You can email Helen on Helen@nurture.co.za