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Digital Marketing Internship

Nurture Egg Donor Program – South Africa

Nurture are looking for a dynamic, creative, talented, motivated  and passionate Marketing enthusiast who wants to make a difference to join our phenomenal team!

Operating out of Cape Town and Gauteng, Nurture is the leading Egg Donor Program in South Africa (10 years!).  We source local donors nationally and assist both local and international parents-to-be to find their ideal egg donor. We deal extensively with the very best fertility clinics in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

We are looking for a bright, young marketing enthusiast, who shares our passion to help others. We are constantly learning and developing to stay ahead of the dynamic fertility industry!

Whether you’re a hashtag fundi or a creative whiz, we have the perfect internship for you….

 What responsibilities will you get when working with us? 

  • Actively manage our social media campaigns
    • FB, Instragram, Twitter, Google
    • Create and evaluate social media strategies
    • Monitor, respond to, and communicate with our online community i.e manage relationship with Nurture followers on all owned social channels
    • Develop new methods to engage consumers on social platforms.
    • Grow the company’s social media reach
    • Optimize marketing spend on paid search.
  • Actively manage our on-campus marketing efforts
    • Proactively manage the flyers and posters at universities
    • Manage a team of students
    • Find other opportunities within tertiary institutions
  • Proactively look for new ways to reach the target market of young, healthy women between the ages of 19 and 33.
  • Blogging / Content creation
    • Creating relevant content for magazine articles, press releases, blogs etc
    • Websites – Optimizing content for search engines and lead generation
  • Donor Administration – communicate with potential donors and assist with acquiring all relevant information to complete their application.
  • Review / edit donor profiles prior to them being made active on our database
  • Interview pre-screened donors – assist where required.
  • Ad hoc – assist with assigned tasks as required.

What will you need to be successful?

  • Highly motivated
  • Self starter, ability to work independently
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Organised
  • Creative
  • Great at executing tasks
  • Strong computer literacy – we’re an online company & LOVE email so be prepared to be all over your laptop!
  • Possess the gift of the gab – we’re all about excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Be a team player who is not afraid to get stuck in and catch the passed balls – team effort is one of our core values
  • Ability to engage with young women from all walks of life
  • A good sense of humour – very important.  We are a crazy bunch of women who have a lot of fun!
  • Post-grads preferred with some relevant work experience

At Nurture, there’s a smorgasbord of added delights:

  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Use your marketing expertise to grow our business, which ulitmately has a positive impact on changing people’s lives.
  • TAKE OWNERSHIP: Have freedom within and ownership of your work, with the support and guidance of your incredible team.
  • DIVERSE CULTURE: Nurture is a fun, challenging, fast-paced place to work. We work hard, but we play hard too! We’re one big, crazy family.
  • FLEXIBLE WORKING HOURS – 40 hours a week. Your working hours are flexible, but you need to be available for at least part of the normal working day, i.e. 9-5

WORK FROM HOME:  no traffic, fighting with wardrobes

Inspired and interested in the job? Apply!
Are you ready to live your dream and apply for this fabulous opportunity? Tell the great things about you.

Include information about:

  • Your degree
  • Details of previous work experience
  • Why you’d like to work for Nurture

We will try to get back to you within the next few days but we have to admit, sometimes it may take a bit longer than that.