“I’m really humbled by your team’s professionalism and the amount of support I received from you”

Tertia Albertyn

Strategic Director

Tertia, Nurture co-founder is a recovering infertile and now mother to teenage twins conceived on her 9th IVF + one freebie bonus child. She has written extensively about her personal experience with infertility, both on her award winning blog (www.tertia.org) and in her book So Close (available on Amazon and as an eBook). Tertia was recognized by the international organization RESOLVE in 2011 for her outstanding contribution in the family building community. Tertia lives behind The Boerie Curtain (Durbanville) with her husband who never listens to her and her 3 children who listen even less. Her job is to manage the strategic direction of the company and look for more ways to bring happiness to our future parents and donors.

Contact Tertia on tertia@nurture.co.za or 0824418639.

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Melany Bartok

Managing Director

Melany is co-founder of Nurture and an ex-egg donor herself.  To round it off – she underwent many IVF cycles to try and have a 2nd child.  That said, she has one fiercely independent 7 year old daughter who is almost as bossy as her mom.   Melany is fiercely protective about her donors and has been known to take on people several sizes bigger than herself in order to protect their best interests. Melany lives in Bloubergstrand, Cape Town with her gorgeous husband, Tony, Eden (the little bossy person) and her 6 fur babies.  Melany oversees and manages Nurture with a vision to make it the most professional, caring and on the ball egg donor agency.

Contact Melany on melany@nurture.co.za or 0766 848489.

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Lee-Ann Owtram

Operations Manager SA and UK

Lee-Ann comes from a corporate background and manages the operations for Nurture SA and Nurture UK.  She also manages Nurture’s systems to make sure that they remain fully functional with emphasis on providing our team and our clients with a user friendly system that is easy to navigate.  Lee-Ann also runs all our special projects and when she is not working, she is a full time Mother to her Son and Daughter. Full of boundless energy and new ideas, her attention to detail is legend! Lee-Ann doesn’t miss a thing.  

Contact Lee on lee@nurture.co.za or 072 888 5539

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Kim Lazarus

Recipient Support

Kim is our recipient co-ordinator, aka “Fairy Godmother”.  With 17 IVF’s under her belt, she is well qualified to provide care, support and a hand to hold.  Kim has worked with recipients and intended parents for over 10 years, helping hundreds find their perfect donor and their happy ever after.  Kim lives in Camps Bay with her husband, 2 teenage sons and collection of little dogs.

Contact Kim on kim@nurture.co.za or 083 261 9956

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Gerida Furstenburg

Recipient Coordinator

A qualified nurse and an experienced IVF co-ordinator, Gerida joins the Nurture team from a top fertility clinic in South Africa. What other people still have to learn about fertility treatments, Gerida has already forgotten. Trained at the Lister Clinic in the UK, Gerida has successfully managed donor egg IVF cycles from the clinical side for over 21 years. And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, she not only knows this stuff professionally – she knows it personally too – she is mother to IVF twins herself. Intelligent, forthright and known for telling it like it is, Gerida is our token ‘Vaalie’. She is responsible for the Northern Region of the country and is based at our offices in Sandton.

Contact Gerida on gerida@nurture.co.za or 0829544194

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Helen de Pinto

Operations Administrator

Nurture wouldn’t function if it wasn’t for Helen’s hard work and dedication. She works non-stop to ensure that our donors are taken care of from their initial application until they are placed on our website as a Nurture donor. However…it does not stop there,  Helen continues to love and support Nurtures travelling donors – booking flights, accommodation and ensuring that their travels are carefree.  Her mothering instincts are also kept very busy on the home front with 3 beautiful daughters and a mad Italian who loves her dearly. What’s not to love! If we had a wife, we would want her to be just like Helen.

Contact Helen on helen@nurture.co.za or 083 5355 947

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Natasha Hardy

Marketing Manager

Previously from a corporate and freelancing background Natasha runs the marketing at Nurture. She is passionate about being involved in something that makes miracles happen for people and is very excited to be able to work with something that will leave such a rich legacy, one that will literally live on for generations to come. Natasha manages all of Nurtures marketing efforts and can’t wait to engage with  as many people as possible about the amazing opportunity egg donation provides to help families realise their dreams of having a child. Natasha lives in Johannesburg and delights in running around after her very busy husband and boys. Her menagerie of dogs, cats, baby tortoises and a handful of fish along with her passion for all sorts of adventure sport keep life interesting.

Contact Natasha on natasha@nurture.co.za or 082 326 5465

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Kirsty Masters

Intended Parent Support (UK)

Our Nurture UK recipients are supported by the very competent and lovely Kirsty Masters. Kirsty combines the best of both corporate and creative worlds.  With many years spent in key HR positions, Kirsty has great attention-to-detail skills that are crucial to this role, as well as possessing key interpersonal skills working with all sorts of people from all different walks of life.  Kirsty’s strongest quality is her empathetic side – gets upset if you’re upset, gets mad if you’re mad. She is extremely loyal, will always have your back and will always be on your side. Quite simply, she is absolutely fabulous!

Kirsty moved from South Africa to England 22 years ago (and still misses the sun and sea!). She lives with her hubby, 2 kids and 2 fur babies. In her spare time she paints to stay in touch with her creative side.

Contact Kirsty on kirsty@nurturedonors.com or +44(0) 7749312155

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Gabby Johnson 

Donor Support (UK)

Our fabulous Nurture UK donors are cared for by the talented Gabby Johnson.  Gabby was born in Cape Town, South Africa and now lives in Fulham, London. A past singing teacher and business owner, Gabby is mum to a gorgeous 3 year old who keeps her on her toes. Gabby describes herself as someone who is more introverted than extroverted, but that doesn’t stop her from getting out and about and meeting new people.  A passionate home cook and accomplished singer, Gabby’s multitasking skills are perfect for taking care of all our UK donors, no matter where they are in the donation process – from those who have just signed up to those who are on their third donation. Gabby is our Donor Coordinator for the UK.

Contact Gabby on gabby@nurture.co.za or +44 (0) 7712 264573

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