Consider gifting someone with the ultimate present this Festive Season

Three Easter eggs with festive bow isolated on white background

The Festive Season is upon us, and while for many people it is a joyful time filled with love and family, for some people these next few weeks  can be a painful reminder that something in their life is still missing.

In the days leading up to Christmas, malls are filled to the brim with busy shoppers and children queuing to meet Father Christmas; while online you can’t move for ads about toys for boys and gifts for girls.

Psychologist Katrina Hale told Kidspot, “With its focus on family gathering, this can be a difficult time emotionally for those struggling with infertility. While the New Year may have started with hope and optimism that they’d be sharing the coming Christmas with a child, the arrival of the milestone … can be a reason to mourn, rather than celebrate.”

And this, dear Nurture Donor, is where you come in.

This Christmas, consider gifting someone with the ultimate present – the chance to have a baby of their own. It is no secret that there are a great many potential recipients that are waiting to be matched with a donor and it could be you.

While egg donation is anonymous in South Africa, it’s not about who you are giving your time and, ultimately, your eggs to. It’s the joy in knowing that you have the potential to bring hope to someone who has walked a long road to get to where they are now.

From all of us at Nurture – have a wonderful Festive Season.